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25 Oct

Wedding Bells Ring

We appreciate Charles Green for their workmanship, quality and consistency and think it is important to add that their wedding are hand wrought rather than cast, this means the gold or platinum is worked by hand to compress and stretch the metal.

Casting is great for making jewellery quickly and allows for a lower metal weight which makes it cheaper to produce. However, it is less durable and the differences in terms of the beauty, quality and feel will be obvious to the wearer in comparison. This process produces jewellery that is heirloom quality and that will last for generations.

As each ring is made to order we would recommend that you allow at least 6 weeks when ordering your ring.

We have a selection of Prism Titanium rings for men in a variety of finishes. Prism use only pure grades of Titanium while their traditional handmade approach produces designs which are much more than simply machine made parts. Titanium is lightweight and yet very strong: it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any crystalline metal. In a polished or sandblasted finish with its range of colours from slate grey to black, it has a subtle, masculine appeal. It is also hypoallergenic and will not react with wearers who may suffer allergies to other jewellery materials

Georg Jensen’s FUSION range has become popular as a wedding band for both men and women. Its interlocking pieces allow for arresting combinations, from the simplicity of plain gold in a choice of yellow, white and rose to channel set diamonds flowing along the inner edge or full pave set pieces. We have seen people take the two interlocking rings when they marry, adding a third for a child or for a significant anniversary.

We will help you make sure that the wedding ring will complement the engagement ring. As both rings will be worn side by side for the rest of your life it is important that they sit well together and of course they should be of the same material as a harder metal ie: Platinum may rub against and abrade a Gold ring . When you see the profile of each ring side by side you will start to notice if they look good together.

Sometimes an engagement ring’s diamonds are set low which means the wedding ring will not sit flush. In this case a wedding ring with a twist can work well but sometimes a specially shaped wedding ring is needed. Charles Green offer a Bespoke service where they take a cast of your engagement ring, and make a ring that will fit exactly. In this case we would take your engagement ring in and get a quote first then when the quote is agreed a Wax model is produced, this comes back to us and the ring is tried on with the model. A Cad Cam image can also be produced so you can see how your ring would look in your chosen metal (the wax model being pink). The process takes a while, we would recommend allowing 2-3 months, but I have to say it is worth it.

If you have bought your engagement ring (or wedding rings) we would always offer you a 10% discount off your weddings rings and wedding gifts.

We have a lovely selection of pendants which can make a great gift for bridesmaids. Georg Jensen small Daisy pendants are perfect for younger bridesmaids. The Infinity pendant is lovely symbolic bridal present and our selection of pearl and diamond jewellery make beautiful and lasting gifts.
Georg Jensen Keyrings and accessories are perfect when small, repeatable gifts are in order for a best man and ushers.

We always endeavour to make your wedding choices a happy and comfortable process as befits the occasion. We believe in looking after our customers and have formed long term connections with many who first approached us for their wedding rings. We offer a re-rhodium plating service for white gold wedding and engagement rings, the first being on us, and if you bought your engagement ring from us we will make sure that is polished or rhodium plated free of charge for your wedding day. Needless to say we will clean your jewellery whenever you pop in, and we are always happy to see you for a chat and give you advice on your jewellery.

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