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MERCY Neckring


Product code: 10015601

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The MERCY neck ring is an expressive statement piece with a soft, curving design that gives it an unexpected lightness.

The fluid shape of the MERCY neck ring echoes the changes and transformations in a lifetime, the soft lines representing the flow of time and how its twists and turns come to define us.

The smooth curves of the neck ring are carefully designed to fit the contours of the wearer. And even though the material is solid and does not move with the wearer, it should never feel constraining in any way.

UK based American designer Jacqueline Rabun is a long-time Georg Jensen-collaborator known for her organic and emotionally nuanced jewellery.

The MERCY neck ring has an untraditional, asymmetrical fit because it is open on the side, wrapping itself around the back of the neck.

The MERCY neck ring is expertly crafted from sterling silver.

•  Item number: 10015601
•  Materials: Sterling Silver
•  Measurements: W: 10 mm / 0.39 inches. M (circ.) 43.5 cm
•  Design year: 2019
•  Launch year: 2019